Monday, August 31, 2009

Nature's Bouquet

While taking a walk after work today, I was struck by the wildflowers, weeds, and grasses that still make a striking display in our meadow. Thistle, dried grasses, goldenrod, and a number of plants that must have names but aren't known to me, are all putting on quite a fine show. My first thought was that these plants would make a lovely bouquet on my desk at work. My second thought, however, was that such a bouquet might activate a lot of allergic reactions among my co-workers. Perhaps it is best to leave nature's bouquet in nature where it belongs, in our meadow and others like it, to be savored on afternoon walks as summer fades to fall.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Excellent customer service--how often do we get that these days? Not often enough, unfortunately. I was so happy yesterday, however, after getting off the telephone with the customer support people for my Canon Powershot camera. It seems the problem with my camera is a known issue so even though it is nearly five years old they will repair the camera for free. They even sent me a shipping label to make sending it back to them as easy as possible. In about two weeks I'll be able to start snapping photos again. Good news, right?! Right. And the quick and courteous service I received from Canon was a breath of fresh air.

The bad news is that by the time I have my camera back, the garden will be pretty much finished. I regret not being able to take a picture of the bright orange Thai melons, or the first giant red tomatoes. Of course, I should be able to pick tomatoes until frost because they are so late this year, and I will likely still have beans for a few more weeks. My first planting of beans has had it, but my second two plantings are still giving me plenty to eat, freeze, and share for now. However, the cucumbers are on their way out, and the cantaloupe aren't too far behind. The corn and beets are long gone. As is the case this time of year, I secretly don't mind all that much to see things winding down. Even gardening in the garden boxes is quite a bit of work, and like some of my plants, I'm a little tired. To everything there is a season, after all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Facts, No Photos

I feel like I am blogging in the dark or with my hands tied. My beloved Canon Powershot A70 camera has nearly quit working and I feel lost without it. It still takes pictures, sort of, but they are blurry and pink, and, well, just strange looking. Not pretty. Most of the shots I've taken of my garden and harvest look anything but tranquil and appetizing. They look more like something Salvador Dali would have painted. It is really sad. I really didn't realize how much I liked taking and sharing pictures until I found I am unable to do so. "Get Camera Fixed"-- one more addition to my already lengthening to-do list.

The garden is slowing down in some ways, and just getting started in others. The corn is finished, but not after producing about 10 very tasty ears of bicolor corn. My experiment was a most definite success! I still have lots of beans and peppers to pick, and some days can barely keep up. The Minnesota Midget cantaloupe are just days away from being ready, and we have already enjoyed one of our very delicious Thai melons. Best of all, the tomatoes are FINALLY ripening. Our cool July really set back these heat loving plants and many of us thought we'd never see our first red tomatoes before frost! There is really nothing like a fresh Indiana tomato, and once again they have most definitely been worth the wait.

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry I don't have new pictures to share. Hopefully this will be a very temporary situation.