Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few more signs

What else is there to write about today but the signs of spring? There have been so many signs lately, mostly showing up all at once. The most obvious at the moment is the rain. It is raining now, as it has most of the day, and most of the weekend. In fact, it has rained so much that we once again have lakefront property. Well, the lake is actually a flooded cornfield, but it looks pretty, and the migratory birds think of it as a lake, so for a few days we have a lake. Here is the view from our front porch today.

I was also happy to see the first crocus blooming by our back door. They are a cheery yellow--my favorite. The daffodils are starting to swell and forms buds, and the iris are even starting to send up their pointy leaves. Oh, I love, love, love this time of year.

The only seeds I have started so far are Sweet Basil. The seeds germinated quickly thanks to the heated germination mat I use. The tiny plants are now growing under lights on the plant stand. One more week and I'll start the tomato seeds. Most of my other seeds can be planted directly outside.

I'll leave you today with one more picture of the floodwaters. This is a farm field adjacent to the river. Well, today it is the river. I have dozens of pictures of flooded fields and roads from past seasons. There is something fascinating about water, especially when it takes hold where we feel it doesn't belong. However, I have been told that much of Indiana used to be swamp and wetlands, so perhaps we are being reminded of what our land would like to be, and may be again one day.

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