Monday, March 8, 2010

I do believe spring is on its way at last

I can't believe I've become one of those writers who've abandoned their blogs for outrageous amounts of time. I'll do better -- I promise! Computer challenges are my primary excuse, but it is also a fact that this very long, cold, and snowy winter did much to wipe out my optimism and my joy of writing. At long last, however, the sun is again shining, green sprouts are tentatively peeking out of the earth, and the snow is melting. It seems spring will come again this year after all. It simply must, because this weekend I started my first seeds of the season.

Several seeds of savoy cabbage have been sown. Also in the mix are some heirloom tomatoes 'Rose' and 'Dutchman.' Last year was such a poor year for tomatoes in general that I felt these varieties deserved a second chance in the garden this season. I also planted two peat pots of 'Marglobe' and one of 'Homestead.' Once everything was put away I discovered a pack of heirloom tomato seeds that must have fallen out of the storage box, 'Fireworks.' As soon as I get a spare second I'll sow some of these as well.

I fell victim to a gardening trend that I labeled "silly" last year -- upside down hanging tomato planters. Our local hardware store had them on sale at a ridiculously cheap price, and I couldn't resist the temptation to give them a try. I think it will be fun to hang a couple of these on a shepherd's crook among my other gardening containers. I've decided to plant cherry or grape tomatoes in these. It will be fun to snack on them while working in the garden. If at the end of the season they prove to be only a silly fad, at least I won't be out a lot of money.

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LadyCat said...

Your gardening sounds like so much fun. I have never had a garden as I don't have a green thumb at all : ) I would love to hear more about your gardening!