Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Respectable Harvest

After a week without internet access, I am back to blogging at last! The garden grew quite a lot in the past week. I continue to be amazed at how well most of the plants are doing in the garden boxes. There is a banana pepper plant and an eggplant that just are a bit sluggish, but other than that everything is lush and thriving. This afternoon I was able to make a pretty respectable harvest, expecially when you consider the boxes were only planted only about a month-and-a-half ago. We will enjoy some cabbage, a purple cauliflower, and some sort of a zucchini dish at our 4th of July picnic tomorrow! Tonight I'll be checking out my cookbooks to find a special way to prepare the veggies. A week or so ago I also picked some broccoli and a smaller zucchini from the garden.
The rain and sunshine has done wonders for the flower gardens as well. The first picture is of the big flower bed we still call the wildflower garden, although it no longer consists of only wildflowers. Last year I revamped the flower bed and added several new plants. This was mostly so that something would be blooming in the garden all summer. The bed has filled in very nicely and needs a lot less weeding this year (always a good thing).
Another flower bed sits at the entrance of the vegetable garden. This garden has several plants in it including Shasta Daisy, Rose Campion, Mallow, Perennial Geranium, and Coreopsis. I especially love this Hydrangra 'Annabelle.' Look how pretty it is next to the purple phlox. Aaah, summer.

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