Friday, July 18, 2008

Stressing Out

Despite the constant supply of water and fertilizer the plants in the garden boxes receive, they are showing some signs of stress. The high temperatures are taking their toll. Most of the plants are holding their own, but the cucumbers don't look that great. I smashed a couple of stink bugs crawling on the acorn squash, and I believe there may be some aphids on the green beans. Worst of all, I found two tomato horn worms this evening, and suspect there may be one or more I couldn't spot. If you have ever searched a tomato plant for a horn worm you know what I mean. I made use of a very effective form of natural pest control and fed the worms to the chickens who find them quite a delicacy. I am a bit squeamish so I simply pinch off the leaf the worm is feeding on and deliver the worm to the chickens leaf and all. I'll give the plants another careful going over in the morning in case I did miss a few horn worms.

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