Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best Wishes for 2009

Happy New Year! I hope the holidays were wonderful for all, and that good things will come to you in 2009. This new year, I am facing the upcoming months with optimism and hope. Rather than focusing on a new year's resolution for myself, I am going to simply focus on doing my best each day.

Winter can be a time of optimism for gardeners; at least it is for me. By now I have pretty much dismissed my gardening failures from last summer and I'm busy making plans for the next season. In fact, today I placed my first seed order on-line from Pinetree Seeds, one of my favorite companies ( I like Pinetree Seeds because they sell smaller quantities of seeds at reasonable prices. Why pay for more than you need? I've always received my orders from Pinetree very quickly and without any errors or problems. So far, I've ordered three types of bush beans--Dragon Langerie, which I've grown before and really liked, Masai, and Indy Gold. Masai is said to do well in containers. I also ordered Gonzales mini cabbage which produces softball sized heads, Tall Telephone peas which I will trellis, French Golden Radish, Gold Rush Zucchini, and Little Finger Carrot. I am also working on my wish list from Johnny's Selected Seeds and The Cook's Garden seeds, two more of my favorite catalogs. In future blogs I will share with you my choices of seeds from these catalogs, and the reasons I like to order from these companies. I will also share my reviews of some lesser-known Internet based companies that do not produce a printed catalog. As always, I welcome comments from you on favorite sources of garden seed. Until then, happy arm chair gardening and Happy New Year!

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