Friday, January 30, 2009

Slow Progress

There hasn't been much progress in the weather or with pet rescuing around here. It's still cold and the little stray kitten is still living under the shrubs. We thought we might coax him (or her) in last night. Kitty seems to want to trust us, and comes close, but runs off at the last minute.

We've noticed the kitten has the cutest little black mask on its face. We never really intended to keep the cat, assuming we can ever catch it. We just want to keep it from freezing and find it a good home. But I don't think it's a good sign when potential pet names start popping in to your head...Bandit, perhaps? Have we already begun to psychologically see this kitten as our own? Could it be that this kitten is actually using the old hard-to-get ploy to make us want him all the more? I have to admit, I think it's working.

Our little guest spends a lot of time peering in the living room window from outside--sizing us up I guess. You would think by now it would realize this is a pretty nice place for a cat. Sometimes our cat Gracie Jane peers back out from the inside, and the little stray rubs up against the glass, wanting to make friends. We've even used Gracie to try and coax the kitten inside. We'll hold her at the front door and little kitty does come very close. But soon Gracie gets a chill and squirms away into the warmth of the house, and we are back to the drawing board.

The view from our porch today is shown below. See why we wish the kitten would come in?! It isn't a very good time to be a kitten who lives in the shrubs.

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