Saturday, June 14, 2008

Getting Back on Track

I am feeling very pleased with the garden boxes. After a busy week, I finally got to spend some time in the garden today. The rain and sunshine has done its work and the plants are thriving. Today I spread the boxes out and rearranged the fencing so that at last it looks like a garden. I put collars made from soft drink cups around most of the plants to protect them from whatever keeps trying to bite them off. The most vulnerable planter I set up on 4 clay flower pots which I think lifts the box up high enough to protect the plants from most critters. Alumnimum pie tins were hung in strategic locations as well. Their flashing and clanging does help to scare away the critters. I am happy with the results. I still need to tackle the weeds coming up and get mulch down, and do some more work on the temporary fence, but it is coming along.

The plants look great. The tomatoes are growing stocky, strong stems. The zucchini is growing fast, and the cucumbers I planted from seed have really caught up. I decided today to plant green bean seeds in some of the boxes where I have space. I planted the green bean 'Provider.' I believe I will have about 10-12 plants. I haven't yet decided if I'll plant more later. I do have plenty of space to plant some in the ground. I also have one more tomato plant that will probably have to go in the ground. It is a big, yellow variety so I think it will do better in the ground than in a garden box. My hope has been for the garden boxes to make gardening fun again. I'm starting to feel optimistic they are doing their job!

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