Sunday, June 22, 2008

Working Between the Rain

Today was a strange day; hot and sunny one minute, cool and rainy the next. Repeat. In between storms, however, we got a lot of work done. It was a day of mowing, trimming, weeding, and hauling mulch, and I'm happy to say we are seeing some results. We hauled 3 1/2 carts of cedar mulch to the garden box area and it really looks nice. Next, I took down the odd sizes of plastic fence and that with the most holes in it and put up new. I also put up new posts so all are the 3' size. The fence is 2' high plastic poultry fencing and it works well in keeping the rabbits and dogs out of the garden. I also put in tomato ladders next to the tomatoes which are close to needing staked. At last the garden really looks nice and is a pleasant place to work or just hang out. The whole time we were working in the garden there was a bird nearby singing his heart out. I couldn't figure out what kind of bird it was but my neighbor told me it was a Brown Thrasher. I sure hope our friend has a nest nearby. I could listen to his songs all day!

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