Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Disappointments

I was in for a shock when I went out to the garden this morning. Several plants were shriveled and dead. I couldn't imagine what happened. Upon closer inspection I found that something, probably a groundhog or rabbit, had bitten off some plants.

I lost 3 tomatoes (Tami G, Robert's Best Black, and a Buffalo Springs tomato), the only Poblano pepper I had, and 2 cantaloupes. Each of them had been neatly bitten off just above planting level and left to die. I decided all I can do for now is wrap some more of the 3' tall plastic poultry fencing around the rest of the boxes to protect the plants. They'll be safe, but I just hate it. The plant boxes look like they are in prison and surely won't be easy to access. I was trying to set up the garden so it would be an attractive place to go visit and work. Now it looks depressing. I need to think what I can do to grow my plants out of reach these nasty critters. I am going to have to try concrete blocks or something else to elevate the plant boxes. If you have any ideas, please share!

One good discovery was how well the cole crops are doing. Earlier in the week I discovered some holes in cabbage leaves indicating slugs were feasting on some of my plants. I took care of them with some es-car-go from Garden's Alive and the cabbage are looking better already. This morning I was pleased to see the broccoli coming along so well. Here is a picture. I have never grown broccoli before, so it is rewarding to see it doing so well. Hopefully this will continue!

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